Utah Ghost towns

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Utah Ghost towns

Post by rustycoinUT on Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:30 pm

Adairville – Kane County
Adventure – Washington County
Ajax (Center) – Tooele County
Aldridge – Wayne County
Alta (Central City & Galena City) – Salt Lake County
Alunite – Piute County
Angle – Piute County
Antimony (Old Antimony) – Garfield County
Aragonite – (Hastings Pass) – Tooele County
Arago City (South Camp – Mining Camp) – Beaver County
Argenta (Camp Carr) – Salt Lake County
Argyle – (Kennedyville) Rich County
Arhur – Salt Lake County
Asay Town (Asays) – Garfield County
Atkinville – Washington County
Babylon – Washington County
Bacchus – Salt Lake County
Baker Mine – Box Elder County
Basin – Emery County
Batesville – (Knowlenville) Tooele County
Bauer – Tooele County
Bear River Camp – Randolph, Rich County
Benmore – Tooele County
Beryl – Iron County
Bingham – Salt Lake County
Bingham’s Fort* – Ogden
Black’s Fork - Summit County
Black Point: Along Lincoln Highway
Black Rock* – Millard County
Bloomington – Washington County
Bluff Fort* – Bluff, San Juan County
Blue Acre – Beaver County
Blue Creek – Box Elder County
Boltenheim – Piute County
Bonanza – Uintah County
Boston Terrace – Box Elder County
Bradshaw – (aka Cave Mine) – Beaver County
Brigham River – Sevier County
Bromide Basin – Garfield County
Browns Park (Brown Hole)
Buckhorn (Dugway) – Tooele County
Buckhorni Springs – Iron County
Bullion (Campe Homestake & Bullion Canyon) – Iron County
Bullion City – Piute County
Bullionville – Tooele County
Bullionville – Uintah County
Buster City – Cache County
Burbank – Millard County
Cainsville – Wayne County
Call’s Fort* – Brigham City
Callao – Juab County
Camp Battle Creek Settlement
Camp on Bear River
Camp Beaver Creek – Pleasant Grove, Utah County
Camp Bingham Creek – Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake County
Camp on Birch Creek – Unknown Location
Camp Cedar Swamps – Promontory
Camp Church Buttes – Great Salt Lake
Camp Clarke – Sanpete Valley, Sanpete County
Camp Conness aka Camp Rush Valley – Rush Valley, Tooele County
Camp Crossman* aka Fort Crossman – Nephi, Juab County
Camp at Deep Creek Station* – Ibapah, Tooele County
Camp Defiance – Weber County
Camp Dodge – Provo, Utah County
Camp Eastman – Levan, Juab County
Camp in Echo Canyon – Echo, Summit County
Camp at Farmington aka Farmington Stockade – Farmington, Davis County
Camp at Fillmore – Fillmore, Millard County
Camp Floyd aka Fort Crittenden aka Fairfield Fort – Fairfield, Utah County
Camp Floyd Pony Express Station
Camp Fountain Green – Fountain Green, Sanpete County
Camp George – Ephraim, Sanpete County
Camp at Government Springs – Unknown Location
Camp on Lolos Creek – Unknown Location
Camp at Loveland’s – Unknown Location
Camp Murray – Murray, Salt Lake County
Camp Pace – Gunnison, Sanpete County
Camp Parker – Unknown Location
Camp Paige – Moroni, Sanpete County
Camp Porter – Unknown Location
Camp Rawlins aka Fort Rawlins* – Provo, Utah County
Camp Relief – Webster Junction, Cache County
Camp Sevier – Sevier, Sevier County
Camp Shunk – Vernon, Utah County
Camp Timpanagos – Provo, Utah County
Camp Tyler – Unknown Location
Canyon Station – Goshute
Carbonate – Beaver County
Carslisle – San Juan County
Castleton – Emery County
Castle Gate – Carbon County
Castle Rock – Summit County
Castleton – Grand County
Cedar – Emery County
Cedar Creek – Box Elder County
Cedar Fort – Cedar Fort, Utah County
Cedar View – Duchesne County
Cherry Creek – Juab County
Chloride – Iron County
Cisco – Grand County
Clarion – San Pete County
Clear Creek – Carbon County
Clear Lake – Millard
Clifton – Tooele County
Clifton – Garfield/Kane County
Clover Flat – Piute County
Coal City (Dempsey) – Carbon County
Colton (Pleasant Valley Junction) – Utah County
Columbia – Carbon County
Connellsville – Emery County
Consumers – Carbon County
Copperfield – Salt Lake County
Copper Globe – Emery County
Corinne – Box Elder County
Cove Fort aka Charles Willden’s Fort – Millard County
Crafton – (Laketown) Millard County
Croyden – Morgan County
Cullen – Beaver County
Dalton – Washington County
Death Canyon
Deep Creek Pony Express Station
Deer Creek – Utah County
Deer Trail Mine – Piute County
Desert Lake – Emery County
Desert Springs – Iron County
Detroit – Millard County
Devil’s Slide – Morgan County
Dewey (King Ferry) – Grand County
Dewey’s Camp* – Fairview, Sanpete County
Diamond – Juab County
Dividend – Utah County
Dixie – Washington County
Dover – Sanpete County
Dragerton – Carbon County
Dragon – Juab County
Dragon – Uintah County
Duchesne Strip (The Strip) – Dushesne County
Dug Out Pony Express Station
Dugway (Buckhorn) – Tooele County
Dugway Mine
Dugway Pony Express Station
Duncan’s Retreat – Washington County
Dunstein – Tooele County
Dyer – Uintah County
Eagle City – Garfield County
Eagle City – Garfield County
East Canon Pony Express Station
Echo City – Summit County
Echo Canyon Breastworks – Echo, Summit County
Elephant City (Middle Camp – Mining Camp) – Beaver County
Elgin – Grand County
Emmaville – (Granite City) – Salt Lake County
Emery – Emery County
Erekson – Tooele County
Eureka – Juab County
Fairfield – (Dobietown & Frogtown) Utah County
Fairview Fort – Fairview, Sanpete County
Farr’s Fort – Ogden, Weber County
Faust Pony Express Station
Fish Springs – Juab County
Fish Springs Pony Express Station
Forest City (Forrest City) – Utah County
Fort Ashley – Provo, Utah County
Foret Ashley – Uintah County
Fort Bear River – Bear River City
Fort Berryville – Glendale, Kane County
Fort Buenaventura -  Browns Fort & Goodyears Fort – Ogden, Weber County
Fort Buttermilk – Holden, Millard County
Fort Cameron-  Camp Beaver, Post of Beaver Canyon, Post near Beaver City – Beaver, Beaver County
Fort Davis – Brigham City
Fort Deseret – Fort Deseret, Millard County
Fort Douglas - Camp Douglas - Camp Kent – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Fort Duchesne – Fort Duchesne
Fort Ephraim - Little Fort, Large Fort – Ephraim, Sanpete County
Fort Gunnison – Gunnison, Sanpete County
Fort Harmony - New Fort Harmony – New Harmony, Washington County
Fort Herriman – Herriman, Salt Lake County
Fort Kanab – Kanab, Kane County
Fort Kingston – Ogden, Weber County
Fort Malad – Washakie, Box Elder County
Fort Manti -  Little Stone Fort – Manti, Sanpete County
Fort Meeks – Old Paria, Kane County
Fort Moab – Moab, Grand County
Fort Montezuma – Montezuma Creek, San Juan County
Fort Moqui – Hite, Garfield County
Fort Nephi – Nephi, Juab County
Fort Pearce - Fort Pierce – St George, Washington County
Fort Robidoux - Fort Kit Carson – Ouray, Uintah County
Fort Santa Clara - Fort Santa Clara – Santa Clara, Washington County
Fort Uintah - Fort Robidoux 2 aka Fort Wintey – Whiterocks, Uintah County
Fort Union – Union, Salt Lake County
Fort Utah* aka Fort Provo - Fort Sowiette – Provo, Utah County
Fort Wordsworth – Alpine, Utah County
Fort Wahweep-Fort Wah-Wiep – Big Water, Kane County
Fort Walker - Fort Hamilton - Fort Sidon – Cedar City, Iron County
Fortuna – Beaver County
Frisco – Beaver County
Fruita – Wayne County
Gardnersville – Utah County (near Lower Goshen)
Garfield – Salt Lake County
Georgetown – Kane County
Giles – Wayne County
Gisborn – Tooele County
Glenbrook – Box Elder County
Gold City – Salt Lake County
Gold Hill – Tooele County
Gold Springs (Jennie Mine) – Iron County
Gold Strike – (Goldstrike) – Washington County
Golden* – Box Elder County (Home of Century and Vipont Mines)
Grafton – Washington County
Grampion – Beaver County
Grass Creek – Summit County
Grassy – Emery County
Greendale – Dagget County
Grouse Creek Fort – Grouse Creek, Box Elder County
Hale – Carbon County
Half Way Pony Express Station
Hamblin (Fort Hamblin) – Washington County
Hamilton Fort – Iron County
Hanksville – Wayne County
Harker* (Harker Canyon) – Tooele County
Harper (Brock) – Carbon County
Harrisburg* – Washington County
Hatton (aka Petersburg) – Millard County
Hayden – Uintah County
Head of Echo Canon Pony Express Station
Hebron* – Washington County
Heiner – Carbon County
Heist – Iron County
Hiawatha – Carbon County
Highland Boy – Salt Lake County
Hillsdale – Garfield County
Hite* – Garfield County
Hogum (Little Cottonwood Canyon, Mike Moree)
Holt – (Holts Ranch) Iron County
Homansville ( Lawrence) – Utah County
Home of Truth – San Juan County
Ibapah (Deep Creek PO) – Tooele
Ibex – Juab County
Ibex – Millard County
Ignatio ( White River Station) – Uintah County
Independence – Uintah County
Indian Springs – Tooele County
Ingersol – (Ingersoll) Millard County
Iosepa – Tooele County
Ironton – Juab County
Irontown (Iron Town, Iron City) – Iron County
Jacob City – (Jacob’s City) – Tooele County
Jackson – Box Elder County
Johnson – Kane County
Johnson’s Fort - Johnson Springs – Enoch, Iron County
Joy (Drum Post Office) – Juab County
Juab (Chicken Creek) – Juab County
Kamas Fort – Kamas, Summit County
Kaysville Fort – Kaysville, Davis County
Kelton – Box Elder County
Kenilworth – Carbon County
Kimberly (Lower Kimberly) – Piute County
Kiz – Carbon County
Kosmo (Cosmo) – Box Elder County
Knightsville – Juab County
Knowltonsburg (Knowltonburg) – Box Elder County
La Cigale (Cigale) – Tooele County
La Plata – Cache County
La Sal (Old La Sal) – San Juan County
Lakeview – Box Elder County
Lark – Salt Lake County
Latuda – Carbon County
Lawrence – Emery County
Lee – Morgan County
Lewisville – Beaver County
Lincoln – Beaver Counth
Lincoln* (Pine Canyon) – Tooele County
Linwood – Dagget County
Little Dell (Stage Station) -
Little Pinto
Little Sevier – Piute County
Little Valley – Box Elder County
Lockerby – San Juan County
Lofgreen – Tooele County
Logan Fort* – Logan, Cache County
Losee (Loseeville) – Garfield County
Lou Mine -
Lower Goshen - Utah County
Lower Kimberly – Piute County
Lucerne – Millard County
Lucin – Box Elder County
Lund – Iron County
Mahonri – Garfield County
Mammoth (Robinson) – Juab County
Manning – Utah County
Martinsville – (Rush Lake, Slagtown) – Tooele County
McCornick (Pahvant) – Millard County
Mechanicsville – Utah County
Mercur (Lewiston) – Tooele County
Mesa (Wilson’s Mesa) – Grand County
Mill City – Summit County
Mill Fork – Utah County
Milltown – Tooele County
Milton  (Richville) – Tooele County
Miners Basin
Modena – Iron County
Moffet – Uintah County
Mohrland* – Emery County
Monte Christo – Cache County
Montezuma Creek (Montezuma) – San Juan County
Moroni Fort – Moroni, Sanpete County
Mosida – Utah County
Mound City – Cache County
Mound Fort – Ogden, Weber County
Mount Pleasant Fort – Mount Pleasant, Sanpete County
Mountain City – Washington City
Mountain Dell Pony Express Station (Dale & Ephraim Hanks Station) – Salt Lake County
Mountain Dale – (Mountain Dell) – Washington County
Mountain Green Post – Mt. Green, Morgan County
Mountainville – Sanpete County
Moyle’s Turret – Alpine, Utah County
Mercury Springs – Beaver County
Mutual – Carbon County
Myton – Dushesne County
National – Carbon County
Needle Rock Pony Express Station
Newhouse (New House) – Beaver County
New Fort Thornburgh – Vernal, Uintah County
North Oakley
Northrop* – (Northrup) Washington County
Notom – Wayne County
Ogden Station – Ogden, Weber County
Ogden Stockade – Ogden, Weber County
Old Camp Floyd (West Creek)
Old Fort Thornburgh – Ouray, Uintah County
Old Irontown
Oljato – San Juan County
Ophir – Tooele County
Orrs: Along Lincoln Highway
Osiris (aka Henderson) – Garfield County
Otter – Piute County
Ouray – Uintah County
Pahreah (Paria) – Kane County
Panguitch Fort – Panguitch, Garfield County
Park City – Summit County
Park Valley – Box Elder County
Peerless – Carbon County
Pelican Point
Peterson ( Weber City, Littleton, Morgan)
Pine Grove – Beaver County
Pine Valley – Washington County
Pinto – Washington County
Plateau – Sevier County
Pleasant Valley – Juab
Plainfield – Grand County (now Spanish Valley)
Point Lookout Pony Express Station
Porcupine – Cache County
Price City – Washington County
Professor Valley – Grand County
Promontory – Box Elder County
Promontory Point – Box Elder County
Rainbow – Uintah County
Rains – Carbon County
Red Rock – Cache County
Reed (Read) – Beaver County
Revenue Mine – Beaver County
Richardson – Grand County
Richville (Milton, Mill Town, Millvale, Benson Mill) – Tooele County
Riverside (Riverside Station) – Beaver County
Robinson – Juab County (West of Mammoth)
Rockport – Summit County
Rockwell Pony Express Station
Rockville – Washington County
Rock Fort* – Wanship, Summit County
Rolapp – Carbon County
Rosebud – Box Elder County
Rosette – Box Elder County
Round Station – Overland Canyon, Juab County
Round Valley – Rich County
Rowley – Tooele County
Royal – (Bear Canyon,Cameron & Rolapp) – Carbon County
Rozel – Box Elder County
Russian Settlement – Box Elder County
Sage Creek – Rich County
Sage Bottom Fort – Peoa, Summit County
Sahara (aka Zane) – Iron County
Salduro – Tooele County
Saltair – Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City Fort (North Fort aka South Fort) – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City Post – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Salt Lake Pony Express Station
San Rafel (aka San Rafael) – Emery County
Sandtown – Utah County
Scofield – Carbon County
Scranton – Tooele County
Sego – (Nelson) Grand County
Sells – Tooele County
Shambip (Jonson’s Settlement) – Tooele County
Shanty Town (MK Tunnels) – Emery County
Shauntie (Mining Camp) (Shawnee, Shaunty, Moscow & Shaunty Springs) – Beaver County
Shem – Washington County
Shenandoah City (aka Star City, North Star, North Camp) – Mining Camp – Beaver County
Shunesburg ( Shunsburg, Shonesburg, Shuensburg and Shirensburg) – Washington County
Shirts Fort
Shivwits – Washington County
Silver City – Juab County
Silver Fork – (Silver Springs City) – Salt Lake County
Silver Lake City – Utah County
Silver Reef - Washington County
Simpson Springs Pony Express Station
Skutumpah – Kane County
Smithfield Fort – Smithfield, Cache County
Smyth’s – Beaver County
Sodom – Utah County
Soldiers Summit – Utah County
South Camp – Beaver County
Spencer’s Camp
Spring Canyon (Storrs) – Carbon County
Spring City Fort – Spring City, Sanpete County
Staffordsville – Tooele County
Standardville – Carbon County
Stateline – Iron County
Stockmore – Duchesne County
Sulphurdale – Beaver County
Summerville* – Emery County
Summit Creek Fort – Santaquin, Utah County
Sweat Ranch
Sweet* – Carbon County
Tannersville – Salt Lake County
Tasso Mine
Telegraph (Salt Lake County)
Temple Flat
Temple Mountain
Terrace – Box Elder County
The Foothills – Beaver County
Thompson Springs – Grand County
Tickville – Utah County
Tintic (Ely Mills, McIntyre) – Juab County
Tonaquint – Washington County
Topaz – Millard County
Topliff - Tooele County
Town of Truth – San Juan County
Traders’ Rest Pony Express Station
Troy – Beaver County
Tucker* – Utah County
Tyng – Utah County (Site of George Tyng’s mines)
Upper Kanab – Kane County
Valley City – Grand County
Verdure – San Juan County
Victor – Emery County
Vipont – Box Elder County
Wah Wah Springs – Beaver County
Wahsatch – Summit County
Wallsburg Fort (Little Warm Valley, Round Valley) – Utah County
Watercresss – Box Elder County
Watson – Uintah County
Wattis – Carbon County
Weber Pony Express Station
Webster City – Pitue County
Westwater – Grand County
West Dip* (West Mercur) – Tooele County
West Wendover
Wheaton Springs Pony Express Station
White Canyon
Widstoe Junction (Widstoe, Winder) – Garfield County
Willow Creek
Willow Fort – Draper, Salt Lake County
Willow Springs Pony Express Station
Willow Valley – Cache County
Wilsonville – Emery County
Winters Quarters* – Carbon County
Woodard – Millard County
Woodrow – Millard County
Woodside – Emery County
York – Juab County
Zion – Washington County

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Re: Utah Ghost towns

Post by Digger on Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:17 pm

I would like to know more about the camps in Ephraim and Fountain Green. I have never heard of those and I lived there for years.


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