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Post by rustycoinUT on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:17 pm

This used to be my favorite spot to go hunting! I remember my first time there, metal junk and glass pieces laying scattered about. I was so sure I was going to find something rare there. lol.

I remember my first day detecting there, it was a real hot summer day.. around 100 degrees or so. I saw a nice flat area next too an old dried up creek bed and started there. I started getting all kinds of hits right off, with excitement I kept digging and with time I cleaned up all the surface junk:

*Can chunks
*Iron objects
*Glass shards

I kept at it for a couple more hours and dug up a few Chinese coins and had a couple of marbles and buttons. I decided to head home and clean up my finds to evaluate them.. The Chinese coins were cool but worthless and so were the other things I found for that matter. I decided to head out for another try the next morning.

I started swinging my detector in a nice cove area nestled up aginst the mountain side. Found more old buttons and a couple good relics, suspender clasp and an harmonica reed. I started getting tired and left yet again to go clean and evaluate my finds.. I found about 10 dollars worth this time.

Decided to go out a third day, I picked a spot in the area where the town common was and started detecting. These old Ghost towns are tourist attractions also, remember to pick up the junk you dig and dispose of it properly. I started swinging my detector head again and like clockwork I start getting can chunks, knife handles (rotted), buttons of all types. I kept at it for about an hour before I heard this very faint but clear ring and there it was.... a civil war era officers coat button Shocked I was shocked!

I had a little time left to detect, so I moved to a different spot and started swinging my detector. I was actually coming up blank this time, no junk or anything! I thought to myself this area has been hit hard and cleaned out. I stayed at it and all of the hits were very faint and broken up.. I finally found a coin... 1899 Indian head penny! I was so stoked to find this coin! I didn't find much value on my Silver City visit, but it was sure fun! HH rustycoinUTSilver City 1899-i10
Silver City Cap_0510
Silver City Cap_0511


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Silver City Empty Re: Silver City

Post by Detectordude on Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:30 pm

Great story! Thanks for sharing Smile


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