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    You are giving some bad advice.



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    You are giving some bad advice.

    Post by Kemper on Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:25 pm

    On your blog you say- " First,always get permission to hunt a site,even when it is a public place like a beach or park. " This is bad advice. A person should look up online or know Federal and State laws but should never ask to hunt a public place. This only invites an opinion and may not be based on any actual law or ordinance.

    People should hunt public places where they are likely to be seen, in a low key way. No shovels, knee pads, bulky headphones, find pouches etc. Bringing attention to metal detecting is not a good idea. I think people should hunt low key to help protect public places from being banned. If you wouldn't ask to play catch,why would you ask to metal detect ?


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    Re: You are giving some bad advice.

    Post by rustycoinUT on Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:56 pm

    " First, always get permission to hunt a site, even when it is a public place like a beach or park. " I fixed this obvious error! Thank you Very Happy

    The actual tools of the trade are needed: spade, screwdriver and headphones. People make bad choices and get us banned for not returning plugs, leaving garbage ect. I have been metal detecting for a very long time, and the only time I had trouble was when I was being rude to others and detecting where I wasn't supposed to.

    I do appreciate your comments!


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